Al McCoy Bio


My goal is to help my clients reach their goals. By creating a fun and
effective program to educate them and reach their target fitness level. I
had played sports all throughout childhood. This sparked my interest in the
health field, which in turn helped me pursue a degree in Physical Therapy
and Nutrition. While obtaining my degree I also became certified as an ACE
personal trainer with over 25 years of experience.I love taking a client
through a new workout and helping them do exercises that they never thought
they would be able to do. I like to combine free weights, use the
resistance of the body and turn functional training into fun activity. My
clients receive custom made workout plans to suit their different goals,
and capabilities with the goal of helping them reach their ideal fitness

Very passionate about my new program and collaboration with Dr Daniela
Atanassova . As a team of professionals we promise to deliver results, and
help people adapt a new healthy way of living. Inside out beauty by
creating customized nutrition plans, fitness and beauty packages. Rebuild
your confidence and find the Superhuman in you.
Certifies in kickboxing, kettle bell training, marshal arts and self
defense, TRX, ACE personal trainer, deep tissue massage.

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